Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low votage switchgear

The Low Voltage Panels are used after the power transformer for distribution of electrical power to the whole electrical installations. These panels are of different capacity and sizes.

Electrical Masters Manufacture complete range of low voltage switchgear for industrial and commercial use both Indoor and outdoor type. EPCs manufactured LV Switchgear as per customer requirement.


♦ Built in special protection devices like earth fault, under voltage, over voltage and shunt trip
♦ Suitable arrangement of Copper Bus Bar of appropriate size according to the current ratting.
♦ Reliable Electrical and Mechanical inter locking.
♦ Suitable for electric power system of 3-phase AC rated frequency 50/60Hz.
♦ Rated voltage: 400V
♦ Rated Current (v) = Up to 6300 Amps
♦ Rated short time withstand current: Max 120KA / 1sec
♦ Modular design of Panels makes it easy for assembly, erecting and future maintenance.
♦ Louvers and Fans for proper ventilation.
♦ According to the IEC / Bs Standards