PLC Panels

PLC Panels

PLC Panel

We offer precision made PLC (Programmable Logic Control) panels. These PLC panels are largely used for industrial automation and process automation. They are programmed through SCADA software and logic which is downloaded as per the process requirements. Different variables are controlled according to the logic and different tag numbers are given to different motors, valves, sensors etc. It is provided with a monitor which displays the process and instrument diagram, and also the live status of process parameters. The PLC systems are of different types of micro logic 1200, 1500 and SLC 500. The PLC consists of 4 Types of Cards.

♦ Digital input – It is used for receiving F/B from process that is to start /stop, O/L
Digital Output – It is used for giving commands to motor Start/stop
Analog input – It receives signal of 4-20 mA from sensors of flow, pressure, temp.
Analog output – It gives signals of 4-20 mA for controlling valves, actuators, VFD speed control


♦ Nano & Micro PLCs 10 IO”s to 140 IO”s.
♦ Modular PLCs – Scalable from 8/4 to 4096 IO”s with remote drops
♦ Special function modules like – High Accuracy, Temperature control, power transducer, PID.
controlled output channel available
♦ PLC”s with significantly higher configurations available.
♦ Hot Backup Redundant Systems
♦ Distributed Control Systems